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Exceptional galvanic technology

Bluclad, a young company founded in Prato in 2008,  was created to meet the increasingly sophisticated  requests by the international fashion brands regarding  the fi nishes of their metal accessories for the clothing, footwear and leather goods sectors.

On a daily basis, the Bluclad chemists carry out  the delicate analysis of galvanic solutions, perform  compliance testing of accessories manufactured by  their clients, and do continuous research on new finishes and production technologies, supported by  innovative instrumentation.
To know more about their work, we talked to the  President of Bluclad, Dr Marco Eruli.

What is the identikit of the client that turns to  Bluclad?

Our clients are the luxury fashion houses and their  metal accessory suppliers. For the fi rst, we provide  support service pertaining to the development  of accessory finishes and qualitative analysis and conformity of the fi nished product.

For the companies  that produce accessories, we install galvanic  equipment and offer post-sales assistance to monitor  the galvanic baths where the metals are fi nished.

Specifically, what types of analysis do you carry  out for your clients?

We do chemical and electrochemical analysis on  galvanic solutions. The aim is to ensure a quality  standard and a conformity of the galvanic baths for the entire duration of any production. At a later  stage, we also test the finished accessories to  verify their compliance with qualitative parameter requirements.

 So in short, Bluclad is a perfect example of  technology at the service of artisanship...

I think it is reductive to talk about artisanship in reference  to our segment in the fashion industry. Our  merit is that of being able to provide customized  products for each client that are, however, manufactured on a large-scale and exported to wherever  they are needed.

Bluclad works mainly in Tuscany,  but we also provide our services in Lombardy, Veneto and abroad such as in France and in Spain but  also in China, where we collaborate assiduously  with our sister company.

Bluclad srl

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