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If one plus one equals three

Merging the people, skills, expertise, and  production processes of two thriving companies  from very distinct worlds into a single company is definitely an ambitious move that not everyone  would have the courage to achieve.

We are talking about Signorini&Ulivelli, an industrial  aggregate in the plains between Sesto Fiorentino  and Prato that was recently founded from the merger of two very important companies: Signorini,  a prestigious brand of faucets and fittings that  has been active for a hundred years, and Ulivelli, a historic company that has produced fashion  accessories and metal work for luxury leather goods  for sixty years.

An idea that emerged and developed rapidly,  thanks to the force with which the protagonists  of this endeavour believe in the project.

A way  of delivering a strong message to the market  but also to its competitors: adopting a system is  possible; in fact, it is necessary to safeguard the  local business network.

An evolution to adapt to  a market, especially that of luxury goods, which  is increasingly pointed in an industrial direction.

Artisan dimensions, although continuing to be a  ‘Made in Italy’ advantage, are no longer sufficient  on their own to meet the performance and
standards required by the international fashion   houses that produce in Tuscany.

A bet brought  forward with humility by those directly involved,  but with the awareness of wanting to raise the bar  of expectations by both Signorini and Ulivelli while  trying to be an example for other companies in the  sector.

With this move, the new Signorini&Ulivelli company  aims to develop the services, creation and  production times of both companies involved.

Brass  is the raw material used for both of the “home” core  businesses.

Therefore, by combining forces and the  various production phases they have in common,  such as the machine shop, grinding, polishing and assembly, all this is now gathered at the Signorini  plant in Prato (5000 m² with 80 employees).

The  galvanic baths, however, will remain separate  since the accessories and faucets require different  processing methods and times: the Ulivelli location  in Sesto Fiorentino still fully operational.  

Remarkable open-mindedness, productive  flexibility, experience in their respective fields of  competence: a cocktail of ingredients that sets  the stage for a unique experiment, intended to be  talked about and hopefully, to set a standard.

To  demonstrate beyond any theory, that when there  is passion and conviction, one plus one can equal  three!

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