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Ornamental chain production for leather goods, costume jewellery, clothing

The creative talents in chain production

Leather&Luxury meets again with Chiara Pezzatini, one of the owners of CDC S.r.l., an esteemed manufacturer of ornamental chains for the Luxury fashion industry.

The Luxury market is the segment of reference for CDC S.r.l. What are the characteristics that a company like yours must possess in order to measure up? «The certainty is that we must keep pace with the times, and perhaps, even be forerunners. We are not afraid to invest, because we firmly believe that it is a duty, in a market like this, to always keep up to date and ready for any request. Just consider, for example, the international regulations that we have had to respect for some time. We were lucky enough to start believing in them at the right time and this helped us prepare for a significant change. At the same time, I find it necessary for the client to feel guided in his/her choices: it is important to inform the client about the most appropriate materials and galvanic treatments, depending on the final use of our product».

In what other aspects has CDC evolved most in recent years?

«When we changed location, we completely renovated the galvanic baths and created a laboratory where we can carry out tests and quality control. This allows us to offer an additional service for our clients. However, environmental protection remains one of our key points. In our company, every processing phase - from generating electricity to water recycling - is designed with the perspective of loving this planet, which increasingly requires our attention. All this without diminishing the quality of our products».

What are the challenges and the objectives that you have set for the near future?
«In order to meet the needs of our clients who have relocated their production to the Far East, we have created XCD. It is a new company that produces in China and sells chains as well as other various components with a quality comparable to Italian production, thus reducing transport costs. This investment attests to our desire to continue evolving, without a doubt. Not feeling as if we know all there is leads to our continuous curiosity! ».

CDC srl

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