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Production of decorative chains for leather goods, costume jewellery, and apparel

Chained in Luxury 

«Our goal is that of being forerunners, ahead of the times. Not being afraid to invest in every area to help the company grow». This is how Chiara Pezzatini begins, co-owner and young face of CDC S.r.l., a Made in Italy excellence in the production of decorative chains for the Luxury fashion sector. CDC S.r.l. is a growing company, with the enthusiasm of its protagonists, always ready to take one more step towards meeting the needs of a market made up of prestigious clients with increasingly high quality standards.

Chiara, what is the “X – Factor” that distinguishes your company? 

«We have begun to adapt to international regulations for production and environmental respect on schedule, prepared for a significant change. We are now able to guide the clients in their choices: it is important to inform them about the most appropriate materials and galvanic processes, according to the final use of our product».

Not only compliance with standards but also growth, evolution. After having changed headquarters, a modern building based on environmental compliance capable of independently producing electricity and equipped for water recycling, CDC S.r.l. has set its sights abroad, in the direction of the Far East...

«For our clients who have relocated their production to the Far East, to meet their needs – explains Chiara– we created XDC. It is a new company that produces in China, to sell chains and various components with a quality comparable to the Italian one, thus reducing transportation costs. A veritably important strategic and growth stratagem». 


On the subject of the company’s internationalization, let’s talk about your T - Project...

«This project began in 2011 and brings together a large group of companies of the Made in Italy manufacturing chain in New York. T – Project has a showroom in the Garment District of New York, where CDC S.r.l. is once again the protagonist with its creations. T – Project is a concept designed to promote Italian expertise in the States having gathered support and consensus over the years, opening important windows on the American market». 

Developments for 2019? 

We opened a showroom in Scandicci, in the heart of the leather district (Via Conti, 19). This is a strategic move that brings us closer to our clients and increases the visibility of our collections. To book an appointment please write to or call us at 055 8949511.

CDC srl

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