Production of small leather goods and bags

Sustainable innovation to achieve excellence

The CAM.PEL. company has 60 years of experience in the production of high-quality leather goods: a time-honoured art, an expression of the most authentic Neapolitan leatherworking tradition, which at CAM.PEL. is perfectly integrated with the innovation offered by the latest generation of machinery. 

4.0 technology is a fundamental element for a company in step with the times like CAM.PEL. During the past 2 years of the pandemic, the company has employed these technologies - ad hoc software for controlling times and methods, automation processes, robotised product handling - and has invested in employee training, in order to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process, thus offering an even better service to its clients. 

CAM.PEL. follows its clients step by step, in a complete and personalised manner, from the development of the model to the final production of the article. Its strong points are undoubtedly the departments dedicated to design and modelling, as well as its many years of experience, which enables the company to be particularly punctual and flexible.

Innovation for CAM.PEL. goes hand in hand with the concept of sustainability. The company is motivated by a strong professional ethic and a deep concern for the environment: everything revolves around lean production to eliminate any waste that does not add value to its clients, in order to always offer the highest possible quality while respecting the environment.

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