Limberti evolution srl

The mother of leather goods companies

In the beginning, it was the handbag with the bamboo  handle:one  of  the historical models that, today  more  than ever,  is still on the scene.  

In the 1960s, Mr. Luigi Limberti, founder and technical director of “Limberti Evolution Group Srl” luxury handbag manufacturer's company in Italy,  was the originator and witness to the creation of   these icons of fashion.

For over fifty years, his esthetic  sensitivity,  taste  and  great   passion  for  leather,  combined  with his sober  and  elegant style, has enabled Luigi  Limberti to create handbags in  the fi nest and rarest materials.

Thanks to the undisputed quality  that distinguishes  he company, whose pride is its Modelling department,  it  has  been  able  to  collaborate successfully  with  clients  of  international renown.

In  contrast to companies that  preferred transferring   production  abroad, the Limberti Evolution  Group has chosen to continue  its activity in Tuscany, with due  attention given to the product,  maintaining a close relationship  with experienced collaborators,  those “with art in their hands”, and with qualifi ed workers — all  this with the conviction of always  giving the best service to their clients.

A profound knowledge of the leather trade and  tradition combined with next-generation  technologies,  the  capacity  to  interpret  the  stylistic   desires  of  each  client,  and  the  passion  with  which  each  article  is  created  what  has  made  the  Limberti  Evolution  Group  famous  worldwide,  alongside the   designer  labels that stand out in the fashion world for their.

Limberti evolution srl

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