Tripel Due

Made in Italy leather goods production

Anticipating changes to grow


The world of leather goods has changed dramatically over the years at an ever-increasing rate.

Tripel Due, a time-honoured company specialized in the production of small leather goods, accessories and handbags continues its evolution, trying to follow these changes, anticipating them when possible.

Of course, the company’s passion, precision, and care of details as well as the quality remain the nucleus around which the activity of Tripel Due revolves.

Moreover, technology has been added to the production with the addition of machinery that has helped the industrialization of production processes: the investment in human capital, with the creation and addition of professional figures that seem better suited to big brands rather than to an SME.

Finally, dimensional growth has offered the company the opportunity to provide clients with continuous support throughout the entire product creation process. All this, rigorously Made in Italy!

Passion, artisanship, technology, attention to details, precision and quality: without these principles, combined with ethics and training, there could be no future in leather goods.

Therefore, Tripel Due has made these principles the basis on which it rests its present and create its own future.


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