ABC Equipment Made in Italy

ABC Equipment Made in Italy


Made in Italy solutions since 1994

The ABC Equipment Made in Italy brand was founded 25 years ago and established itself throughout the world; a leader in the management of dies, components and accessories.

Our equipment’s strong point is the production chain, which is entirely in-house. This enables us to achieve high quality and versatile customization (to meet each client’s specific needs).

Our products are created from an understanding of clients’ needs and from the continuous interaction with them. Our equipment provides space, order and rationality for the working environment to achieve greater productivity.

The Perseo 4.0 project, an automatic warehouse for managing leather goods accessories, lasts and components in shoe factories, and moulds in sole and heel factories, was created in 2013.

Perseo 4.0 makes the work environment safer, eliminates physical strain, reduces picking times and is earthquake-proof. Moreover, by taking advantage of its height and the possibility of installing Perseo outside, a great deal of space is saved.

All Perseo automatic warehouses can be customised in terms of both the external and internal dimensions of the system. 

ABC Equipment Made in Italy

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