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Production and resale of machinery for processing leather

Machinery that did not exist

Dynamism and incessant technological research are the elements that after years, still continue to characterize the activity of Aeffe Machinery.

Once again, the innovations on the machinery front are manifold.

The owners, the Pasqualetti brothers, talk to us about it: «The new product labelled Aeffe Machinery that will be launched on the ALFA market counts on revolutionizing the market of reference. It is a tool designed for the footwear, leather goods and clothing sectors and encompasses many functions, some of which have always been carried out only manually.

The characteristic of ALFA is that carries out its processing by intervening directly on a chosen area of a piece of leather or fabric, where machines of the same calibre are only able to work on the entire piece.

With ALFA, you can create cuts, scales, holes, milling and images with impressive quality and precision, using a kind of white laser that leaves no bad odours or burns on the material, and is able to work directly on uppers, bags and jackets.

A software through which the stylist on duty can draw decorations directly on the graphic board and execute them in real time on the material manages everything. A versatile machine at a fair market price».

However, the range of novelties does not end here. Aeffe Machinery has also developed the Multifunction EVO, the evolution of the EVO model, one of the company’s strengths. EVO Multifunction also adds needling to all of the old machinery’s options.

A processing that can embroider leather with wool, creating a unique effect. The new EVO also has an improved performance, going from a speed of 400 to 600 strokes per minute.


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