Nuova Florenplast srl

Personalized bags for products of excellence

«Quality, articles tailored to each type of client request, and maximum flexibility in quantities without a required minimum».

The Nuova Florenplast Srl owners, a Florentine company with over fifty years of experience in the production of plastic packaging for a wide range of sectors, get straight to the point. Nuova Florenplast Srl offers a serious, precise, quality and technologically advanced service.

«In a world that changes so quickly – the owners claim – we like to think that our company is a firm point and a security for our clients».

From the raw material granule to the finished product, Nuova Florenplast Srl, thanks to its specialized staff, the company is capable of carrying out the entire production process.

The company can produce personalized bags in every shape and size, treating, among others, Polyethylene LD and HD, Polypropylene and Biomaterials.

Bags and coloured packaging are also available, properly tested even for food use.

Nuova Florenplast srl

Via San Piero a Quaracchi 19
Firenze (FI)
Tel +39 055 316914


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