Fustellificio Erre-A

Custom dies, punches, and machinery for leather cutting

Know-how and technology at the service of fashion


The history of the Fustellificio Erre-A company began in 1981, the year that Renato Agnelli founded the company, which his son Luca joined in the 1990s.

In over thirty years, the company has developed a profound knowledge of the problems and needs of the leather goods sector.

Today, this know-how enables the company to offer a customized and high precision service, resolving any cutting problems and designing various types of dies, templates, centring systems and perforators.

Along with its specialized expert staff, the technical department makes up the pulsating heart of the company. Here we provide assistance to the client’s engineering and industrialization, creating complete cutting plants starting from a model, as well as initiating unique projects, always with the utmost discretion.

An extreme speed of execution and in-house delivery complete the services offered.

Fustellificio Erre-A

Via Pistoiese, 52
San Donnino (FI)
Tel +39 055 8998115
Web www.fustellificioerrea.it


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Fustellificio Erre-A Fustellificio Erre-A Fustellificio Erre-A Fustellificio Erre-A