I Fiocchi S.r.l

leather, fur and fabric garments for high fashion

Artisan quality and corporate culture

The I Fiocchi company was founded in 2011 thanks to the initiative of Cinzia Brotini with her thirty years’ experience in the garment industry. The company specialises in the production of clothing and outerwear for men and women in leather, fur, shearling and fabric for high fashion brands.

The strength of the I Fiocchi company is its ability to provide clients with a complete service: from the cutting stage to the production of the nished garment, with the possibility of also realizing in-house embroidery and inlays on leather, pleating, heat- sealing, laminating and border dying.

The manual component, carried out by a time- honoured staff of specialized personnel, is an important part of the work, which is integrated with the use of technological machinery: articles of excellence come to life from this combination.

I Fiocchi S.r.l

Via A. Grandi, 62
Empoli (FI)
Tel +39 0571.1771032


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