Alfredo Ramponi

A precious story and an award for young designers

The company that specializes in decorations with synthetic stones 

A story made of glitter, stones and rhinestones that was written by Alfredo Ramponi, founder of the company with the same name in Carbonate (Como), founded in 1988 and now a leader in precious decorations for bags, footwear and garments. 

How was the company founded? 

In 1988, I inherited my father’s company, specialized in the processing of plastics. However, I had a passion for gemstones and costume jewellery: so I thought I would try my hand at artificial stones, creating my first synthetic crystal. In 1990, I went to my first trade fair: ‘Linea Pelle’, at the time in Florence. I had no budget, but a woman in the organization helped me, allowing me to participate with a small showcase. Since then it has been a crescendo to becoming a leader in the sector».

What are the goals of the Ramponi award for young designers?

«Helping young people, as I had been helped. The winner (who does not have to use our products) has the opportunity to exhibit at the White in Milan. Then we organize a second ‘Talent’ competition among the winners of the first award, this time with the use of our products».

Who are your clients?

"Valentino, Louboutin, Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Chanel... more or less all of the famous brands».

Future projects?

«Our distinctiveness is our ‘turnkey service’ for clients, with the redelivery of decorated garments. Now we aim to develop the embroidery department that will integrate with other processes: laser-etched application of clips and thermo-adhesive application even with Swarovski. Shortly we will be listed on the stock exchange with Aim, and important business developments are coming that we will soon communicate».



Alfredo Ramponi

Via S. Ambrogio 11/13
Carbonate (CO)