Synthetic crystal gemstones and ABS studs

The company that makes bags sparkle

Alfredo Ramponi is the man who, for thirty years, has made bags, shoes and apparel sparkle. His company, Ramponi SpA of Carbonate (Como), specializes in the production of synthetic crystal gemstones and ABS studs.

Founded in 1988 in a garage of merely 50 square meters, the company now occupies an area of 5 thousand square meters and puts in about 40 thousand hours of processing between production and finishing.

The Como area company has a turnover of over 15 million euros and serves almost 40 countries worldwide, working for all the major fashion brands.

During 2018 he acquired Astarte, a company in Mirandola, struck by the earthquake of 2012, specialized in products of 100% natural origin including mother-of-pearl, shells, and semiprecious stones. 2019 will start with a nice novelty: Ramponi will land in the Aim segment of the Milan Stock Exchange.

The floating capital will represent 20%. «The Stock Exchange – explains the founder and CEO, Alfredo Ramponi – represents an excellent leverage to becoming even bigger and competing on international markets».



Via S. Ambrogio 11/13
Carbonate (CO)
Web www.ramponisas.net