F.D.F. S.R.L.

Fashion accessories

Jewel accessories as an expression of Italian elegance

Founded in 1999 for the third-party production of metal fashion accessories, F.D.F. is specialized in the design and production of metal accessories, but has broadened its expertise to also include the processing of leather, fur, wood, and resin combined with metal.

A vast sample collection of multi-material accessories is a source of inspiration for designers, including those who come from the furnishing and lighting sectors. F.D.F. bases its work on two values: the wellbeing of its operators, and space for young people. The company’s workforce includes young designers who satisfy the requirements of style of ces, providing an excellent research and development service.

The elaboration of renderings, photo insertions and rapid prototyping makes it possible to obtain important savings on development costs. All supported by quali ed personnel to produce your projects with the best quality-cost ratio.

In November 2018, F.D.F. will open a new latest generation plant, aimed at improving the company’s atmosphere and increasing its proposals.

F.D.F. S.R.L.

Via Guido Rossa, 48
Carmignano (PO)
Tel +39 055.8710219
Web www.fdfaccessori.it


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