Micromet Srl

Semi-finished metal in lost- wax precision casting for high fashion

An artisan heart and innovative processes

Since its founding in 2011, the Micromet company based in Arezzo has specialized in the production of semi-finished metal products for fashion brands, and has developed a specific company culture oriented to achieving an excellent product quality.

The company’s pride is its lost-wax precision casting technique, which consents to the creation of custom- made objects in precious and non- precious metals, including brass, bronze, aluminium and silver, for the high-level leather goods, clothing and costume jewellery sectors.

The models are designed and developed in partnership with the Arezzo Creo company designers. Despite having an artisan heart, which interprets all of the brand’s style needs giving each accessory a soul, the company has an industrial- type structure and can produce up to

250,000 pieces per month. Micromet is a company that focuses on innovation to better meet the market’s needs for flexibility and speed, with continuous attention paid to costs and production time, which is a particularly pressing issue in the fashion sector.

This is also why, in addition to a careful and modern support system for product processing through CAD design, it is equipped with an innovative 3D printer, which creates prototypes and components directly in ready-to-use metal, with considerable time saving and zeroing of equipment and support development costs.

Passion, reliability, and optimization of experience are the company’s fundamental values; organization, efficiency and innovation are the means to fulfilling its mission, which is that of satisfying the multiple requests of its most discerning clients.

Micromet Srl

Via del Maspino, 4/A
Arezzo (AR)
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