Leather finishing for the leather production chain

Room for the creativity of leather technicians and artisans

Located in the Santa Croce sull’Arno district, Manifatture Toscana has ennobled leathers for footwear factories, leather goods manufacturers and tanneries for over 10 years, adding value to Made in Italy.

The company was founded as a spin-off of the Passarella Giuseppe Snc company that worked in the leather production chain for 40 years, with Giuseppe at the helm with his children.

Through artisan expertise and the use of cutting-edge machinery and chemicals, the company confers skin splits with the characteristics desired by the client: from polishing, varnishing and drumming to hand dabbing, up to innovative effects.

To create a product that matches client needs, Manifatture Toscana always seeks out new techniques and offers a hand prepared sample service, selecting and testing the most suitable nishes before sending them into production.

Each phase is carried out in-house to guarantee high quality, efficiency and flexibility.


Viale Delle Querce Rosse, 1
Santa Croce Sull’Arno (PI)
Tel +39 0571.367422


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