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Belts of bygone time

Mr. Mario Coccoluto Ferrigni, founder of the  Florentine MCF Pelletterie, is a fine artisan who,  since the 1960s, has distinguished himself in his trade for creativity and inventiveness, a remarkable  manual dexterity, and determination, with the  desire to create something beautiful and of high quality.

Like many artisans of his generation, Mr. Coccoluto  Ferrigni began working in a workshop in the historic  centre of Florence.

Here, he began producing belts  for garment makers, in particular tucked fabricones, destined to adorning bridal dresses for sale  in the most famous shops in the city.

Subsequently, leather replaced the fabric, to  produce fashion items.

With the passing of time,Mr. Coccoluto Ferrigni’s product quality reached levels of excellence, attracting the attention of a famous Italian fashion brand.

This was the beginning of another phase in the history  of the company now known as MCF Pelletterie.

Over the years, the production changed from a small family business and evolved exponentially,   finding its specialization in the production of belts.

The raw material used is leather, but other different fabrics like silk and satin are not excluded,considering that Mario has always worked with  them since the dawn of his trade.

Mr. Coccoluto Ferrigni’s children joined MCF in  1995: Lucia as a specialized operator and Daniele  as Mario’s right-hand man have ensured the company’s continuity in addition to bringing the  family together, even at work, much to the delight  of Mr. Ferrigni.

The company’s production is now focused on men  and women’s belts in napa leather, calfskin and  precious skins like python, exclusively for the Italian  fashion brand mentioned earlier.

High quality processes that make use of the expertise  of skilled industry workers and of the technology of the company’s state-of-the-art   equipment.

In the world of leather goods, it is said that producing belts is an art: it is no coincidence that
MCF Pelletterie is recognized as one of the best in the industry.


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