Ste.Ni Guardolificio

Synthetic and leather components and accessories for footwear, garments and leather goods

We transform problems into solutions

Ste.Ni was founded thanks to Giuseppe who in 1985, together with his wife Nubia, decided to set up his own business after a ten-year experience in the footwear sector.

Today, his son Nicola continues his parents’ work together with his wife Stefania. Ste.Ni has won the trust of the footwear, leather and clothing brands that know they can count on a vast range of quality processes and components.

Ste.Ni focuses on Made in Italy and, from the design to the processing, manufactures beautifully made products in synthetics and leather: uppers, mignon, bands, braids, trimmings, matching articles, but also drilling and accessory application.

The company works closely with the client to nd a solution for every need, and it achieves this by mixing artisan expertise with a constant search for new techniques and materials.

Ste.Ni Guardolificio

Via delle Ville, 569
Segromigno in Monte (LU)
Tel +39 0583.928360


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