Tomaificio Targa

The shoe upper professionals

The company that grows always abreast with the times

With her thirty-year experience, Mrs. Franca founded “Tomai cio Targa” in 1998. Over the years, with training courses and the generational transition, the activity has grown. Targa Tomai cio has 24 employees operating in a 300 square meter plant.

The machinery used is the most modern and modi ed for special machining required by the clients. The skiving and binding include classic models (such as laced shoes, slippers, and derby) and sneaker models. Some processes include point lasting, heel lasting and strobel stitching.

The company is also specialized in loafers with hand stitching in different types of ne materials.

Tomaificio Targa

Via Marchefave, 47/E
Lendinara (RO)
Tel +39 0425.601547