Tomaificio Targa

Presents Strobel

Advanced sneaker and Strobel sock technology

Tomaificio Targa was founded in 1998 thanks to Signora Franca’s thirty-year-long experience.

Her ability to look towards the future has enabled the company to evolve by introducing and adding new processes with advanced sneaker and Strobel sock technology.

The company has invested in machinery dedicated to these processes: an execution method with application in the construction of uppers that make the shoe more flexible.

The upper is joined to a light or hard insole with this type of seam, forming a bag that is then connected to the sole. This is how light and ideal shoes are created for every moment of the day.

Tomaificio Targa

Via Marchefave, 47/E
Lendinara (RO)
Tel +39 0425.601547