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Embroidery for high fashion

The ancient art of embroidery

«Everest srl was founded in 2011 but relies on our thirty-year experience in automatic multi-head and manual embroidery, as well as applications in general». This is how Andrea Marchi, owner of Everest, is a point of reference in Veneto for high fashion embroidery destined to clothing, leather goods and footwear.

Everest diversi es the offer of services to retain its clients by focusing on quality, reliability and a wide range of processes offered. «We can perform traditional embroidery in various nuances: pearl, cross, horse, and rug stitches – explains Andrea Marchi – as well as the comely embroidery, the sponge and chain stitch as well as the application of sequins. All our machinery has built-in lasers to cut leathers, fabrics and thermoadhesive lms.

The different types of embroidery can be combined in the same process thanks to technologically advanced machinery. Among the various processes, the company also applies studs and rivets but also pearls and French wire with manual embroidery.

Technological innovation and research are the cornerstone of the success of Everest Srl, which also has a development of ce that presents a new sample collection of embroidery, techniques and materials to present to its clients every semester.

Everest srl

Via XI settembre , 1
San Giovanni Ilarione (VR)
Tel +39 045.7465143
Web www.everestricami.it


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