Elia Pelletteria srl

The value of operational flexibility

Elia Pelletteria is a company that was founded in  1986 in a small workspace. It has now become a  large company and is the sole producer for one of
the famous fashion brands.

Its history began when Marco Rossi, who was  a cutter at the time, had an idea. He and Tania  Falsini, who was engaged in a company that
assembled handbags, were united in both business  and matrimony.Today, Marco, Tania and Paolo  Falsini, Tania’s brother, manage Elia Pelletteria,  which manufactures handbags and travel articles in  various materials, including fine leathers.  

The company’s production is ready-made, with many  items and in small quantities that are sold directly  on the market.

There is a modelling department  in-house, and what particularly distinguishes Elia  Pelletteria is its diversification of products made  possible by the great responsiveness of its staff.

A company that exudes will and passion, and is  based on a great operational flexibility thanks to  the entire staff. Elia Pelletteria is a company that
can produce qualitatively superb products and  can vary production even on short notice. Just  one fact is essential to highlight this company’s
extraordinary ability: over the past 4 years, we have  gone from an average of 39 days from accepting an  order to the product launch, to the current 12 days  to complete the same process, always in reference  to new products.

An extraordinary evolution, which  has resulted in doubling the company’s turnover in  a very short time.
High quality artisanship, leading edge technology  and a detailed control of every phase of production:  a perfect synthesis that has made Elia Pelletteria a  point of reference in this sector.

Elia Pelletteria srl

Via Marco Biagi, 18
52026 Pian di scò (AR)
Tel +39.055.9146165
Web www.eliapelletteria.it


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