Guardolificio Ceccato

Welt production for the footwear sector

The welt by the artisan soul


Guardolificio Ceccato is a Venetian company founded in 1989 by Silvano Ceccato, artisan and entrepreneur, active in the production of welts for footwear since the 1970s.

«During all these years, the classic smooth welt has evolved in conjunction with the new market trends and, consequently, the related processes have changed – says Alessandro, son of Silvano, in the company since 2012 – now the article itself is smaller and more slender than in the past and is often embellished by various effects».

The Guardoli cio Ceccato company has managed to keep the pace while maintaining the artisan imprint that still makes the difference in this work. «We still produce welts by hand – continues Alessandro Ceccato– succeeding in satisfying client needs from the prototype. We work both natural materials such as leather and regenerated leather as well as synthetic materials such as rubber, thunit, microlite and so on».

Guardolificio Ceccato is a modern company with a traditional soul that stands out for its exibility, product quality and customer service: the essential principles of excellence.

Guardolificio Ceccato

Via del Lavoro, 10/12
Vigonovo (VE)
Tel +39 049.9801192


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