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Sale and service of equipment for footwear

Technology that improves work and life

Tucano Macchine is a company founded in Veneto in 1983 that deals with the sale and service for footwear machinery. The range of products offered is very vast, specialized and always updated with the latest technological innovations in the industry.

The owner and founder of Tucano Macchine, Bruno Paolo Bozzolan, explains: «We hold the exclusive in the Veneto area for some prestigious brands of machinery such as Atom, BNZ, Cerim, and Eurmeccanica. Here you can nd the tools for the entire footwear production process: modelling, preparation, assembly, nishing, blade cutting machinery, and leather and insole lasers.

Our staff has twelve highly skilled technicians and we are also equipped with a fully stocked in-house repair shop». Among the many innovations offered by Tucano Macchine, the best seller is the “Flashcut Easy 888 L30” model by Atom. A compact, practical and versatile blade cutting system with high performance on a large scale of types of materials besides leather.

Even though equipment is the core business of Tucano Macchine, the company also takes care of the sanitization of industrial working environments as Mr. Bozzolan explains: «We also started marketing a device that sanitizes indoor air. An American technology developed by NASA for astronauts on a space mission.

This small mobile device does not require any special implants and works according to the principle of photocatalytic oxidation. The device creates and pushes molecules into the air that disrupt everything they nd based on simple carbon. The suspended powders consequently fall, creating an air purity level of PM10. Practically mountain air! ».

Every single industrial device sanitizes an area of about 1500 m2 and can also disrupt highly toxic substances such as formaldehyde. Compared to commonly found extractor fans in all footwear manufacturers, these appliances are more ef cient because they act 24/7 maintaining a constant level of air purity.

Tucano Macchine

3a Strada, Zona Industriale, 23/25
Fossò (VE)
Tel +39 041.4165770
Web www.tucanomacchine.it


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