Leader in the production of soles for sneakers

When technology is synonymous with excellence

Yvress is a young and dynamic company specialized in the design, prototyping, and production of soles for footwear destined to the Luxury market.

Run by its owner Yari Brogi, Yvress has quickly imposed itself on the market as one of the most innovative companies in the footwear industry, thanks to important investments on the technological evolution of work equipment. «The company's philosophy is to reduce instrumental costs – says Yari Brogi –This has led us to choose to equip the company with numerical control machines that directly dig the sole without using moulds.

The result is an artisan product, constructed with performing materials in terms of aesthetics and durability, but with the incredible precision given by the tool processing.

A large part of the productive sector of Yvress is based on the design, preparation and production of constructed soles for high level sneakers.

To guarantee speed, service and mandatory quality, Yvress has invested heavily in a material warehouse with over 50 different colours of readily available microporous materials, and in the in-house application of the tread, guaranteeing delivery speed and cost reduction.

«Continuous research – continues Yari Brogi – is leading us towards the realization of soles “made for you”, completely designed at the client’s request, without the creation of moulds and without geometric limits. 

Another positive effect of the company's innovative identity is the expansion of its core business. In particular, Yvress has worked on digital printing on the edges of the shoe sole up to a thickness of 10 cm. Another excellence that is added to the company’s already rich expertise.

«We have an in-house graphic design office that develops the patterns and designs provided by the client. We can print on every type of sole and support in high resolution: for example, elastic bands, wedges and so on.

Moreover, no type of material is precluded: rubber, leather, synthetic leather and patent leather».

Digital printing on the sole allows for infinite and innovative customizations that go to further implement the quality of the work labelled Yvress: Made in Italy 4.0.


Via della Magnolia , 9
Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)
Tel +39 0571.480915


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