Tempesti spa

A long vegetable story...

The Conceria Tempesti of Ponte a Egola (PI) story  dates back to the early 1900s, when Giovanni  Tempesti, grandfather of the current owners, the  cousins Giovanni and Giovanna Tempesti, began  the ancient craft of tanning. Later in the 1930s, his  sons Osvaldo and Tullio founded that which would  become the Conceria Tempesti in 1946, a company  specialized in true  egetable tanned leather.  Twenty-nine skilled workers are employed in two  factories, both located in Ponte a Egola (PI): one
for wet processing and the other for dry processing   of leather. The main product is vegetable tanned  leather, available as a finished product in a very  wide range of finishes and colours, suitable for use  in the leather goods and footwear industries.

 One of the features that make the Conceria  Tempesti one of the most appreciated by insiders  is the constantly available variety at its fully stocked  warehouse. In addition, there is no production
minimum and there is also an absolute guarantee  of fast and   efficient service. However, the Conceria  Tempesti is an industry excellence even when it  comes to the environment. The vegetable tanning,  which characterizes the company, is legitimised  by a total respect of environmental protection  regulations indicated by the “Real Vegetable  Tanned Italian Leather Consortium”, of which
Tempesti is a founding member. A further guarantee  of quality and professional ethics.

Tempesti spa

Via del Cuoio, 6/10 - Ponte a Egola (PI)
56024 Pisa (PI)
Tel +39.0571.485333
Web www.tempesti.com


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