Italbordi s.r.l.

Today and yesteryear’s embroidery

«Imagine, dream, desire, and then create. The meeting of these thoughts and actions results in a feeling of gratification and satisfaction. Being part of our client’s projects stimulates our curiosity and consolidates the development of all our processes». These are the words used by the Italbordi Srl staff to describe their work.

The company was founded in 1980 to follow the footwear, leather goods and clothing sectors that are active in the Brenta Riviera.

In the early years, the prevailing production was dedicated to the world of leather ribbons or round and flat braids while, towards the mid-1980s, embroidery work was introduced.

Shortly after, with the advent of laser technology, combing embroidery with laser cutting also became possible.

Therefore, Italbordi Srl is so cutting edge that it has its own graphic design and project design studios and a department dedicated to the preparation of cutting and laminating.

Italbordi s.r.l.

Quartiere dell’Industria Prima
Strada, Fiesso D’Artico (VE)
Tel +39 049.504408


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