Italbordi s.r.l.

Embroidery between style and technology

Processing and use of avant guard machinery

Experience, professionalism and style research. These are the unique aspects of Italbordi srl. The company was founded in 1980 to follow the footwear, leather and clothing sectors, active in the Brenta Riviera.

During the early years, the prevailing production was dedicated to the world of leather bindings, pro les, round and at braids while embroidery was introduced towards the mid-1980s, always with the aim of exploring unique processes done with special machines. A little later, with the advent of laser technology, combining embroidery with laser cutting became possible.

«The continuous exchange of ideas with the big fashion houses impels and stimulates the processes among the various departments - explain the company’s staff - assisted by graphic design, planning and the department dedicated to the preparation of cutting and laminating, making the management of requests largely independent, both from a style and production aspect ».

Italbordi s.r.l.

Quartiere dell’Industria Prima
Strada, Fiesso D’Artico (VE)
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