Santori Pellami

Production and marketing of leathers for the fashion industry

Naturella, biodegradable leather for Luxury

Santori Pellami is a tannery located in Monte Urano (FM), with an ultra-secular history (its institution dates back to 1890) having established itself over the years as one of the most innovative Italian companies in the sector. The latest novelty in chronological order is Naturella, a leather with unique characteristics, presented at the end of 2017 and developed over seven years of research and substantial related investments for the development of the project.

«Naturella is a biodegradable leather, certi ed by the Alma Mater study - say the owners of Santori Pellami - and environmentally friendly. This does not only mean that it is tanned without the use of chromium, but that during the working process, all the potentially harmful and polluting chemicals are reduced, using an exclusively dedicated facility, therefore not contaminated by the elements of traditional tanning».

The nished item looks like a more tear-resistant leather, with less waste and more of a workable surface with a better capacity for colour absorption. Particularities that make Naturella a versatile and less polluting leather, as required by the now unstoppable green trend of the Luxury fashion industry.



Santori Pellami

Via Francia, 1A/3
MonteUrano (FM)
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