F.lli Petrocchi Pelli

The stock of excellence: ready delivery high quality leathers

A meticulous and vast selection of nished and semi- nished leathers of the highest quality capable of satisfying the most de- manding requests by footwear and leather goods manufacturers for over 40 years.

The F.lli Petrocchi Pelli company in Montegra- naro (FM) purchases leather and liner stock from the best Italian and foreign tanneries. These products are then carefully selected: a scrupulous job carried out by skilled and specialized personnel to guarantee clients only top quality products.

The company’s strong point is its very well stocked warehouse: 3,000 m2 that houses ready delivery nished and semi- nished leathers (calfskin, lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin). This enables the company to re- spond to the requests of artisans who need small and medium quantities, while also satisfying large companies that need grea- ter quantities. Thanks to the collaboration with specialized tanneries, leather treatment services and custom processing on leather splits are also available.

Over the years, F.lli Petrocchi Pelli has con- solidated the Italian market and developed its own commercial network in countries such as Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Romania, the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Tunisia.

F.lli Petrocchi Pelli

Via Alpi ,75
Montegranaro (FM)
Tel +39 0734.828364
Web www.petrocchipelli.it


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