Gargiulo Leather

Tanning and leather treatment

Tanning the old-fashioned way

Gargiulo Leather, a company located in Casoria (NA), has maintained the artisan leather tanning tradition intact for over seventy years. The company specialises in the natural treatment of leather, destined to the creation leather for gloves, clothing, leather goods and of footwear, leaving the leather’s natural grain giving it a full colour, lustre, resistance and a silky touch.

The expertise of Antonio Gargiulo, who learned the secrets of the trade from his father Carmine, is enriched by the innovative vision of his children Barbara, Carmine and Francesco.

The company’s processing method is one of its strengths: the entire tanning process is handcrafted in wooden casks, with the use of top dyes and a natural drying process. Skilled workers then have the task of working the leather manually, to achieve the desired nish.

Yes to tradition, but also to innovation: while the company has inherited the traditional techniques of the Neapolitan tanning art, it uses modern and functional production systems and does not fail to look to the current trends. It is this mix that consents to offering the client the excellence of workmanship and the originality of leather nishing.

The top articles of Gargiulo Leather are the Miami Chamois, Nappa Piuma Soft, Napoli and Rome articles; the new collections were developed based on these articles, linked to the cultural and historical themes of the city of Naples. In recent years, the company has also expanded its working range abroad with the trade fairs in New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Gargiulo Leather

Viale Risorgimento, 1
Casoria (NA)
Tel (+39) 081.7311586


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