Bottonificio Sorelle Paola S.r.l.s

Button and accessory design and production for the fashion industry

Buttons without limits

«We are a young and dynamic company, a button manufacturer that is greatly appreciated by the professionals of high fashion and ready-to-wear fashion, but we are determined to continue growing».

The young Milena and Mariangela Paola sisters, owners of the
company bearing the same name, founded it in 2015 from the sale of a branch of Bottonificio Paola, a company active since 1984 founded by the entrepreneur Angelo Paola.

«Therefore,our company benefi ts from the more than thirty-year experience of Bottonificio Paola - affirm the owners - from which we absorbed the characteristics and skills that define us today.

We produce buttons from raw materials and we can carry out any type of customization with laser technology, the pride of our company».

The Bottonificio Sorelle Paola is capable of carrying out various processes in-house, such as dyeing, enamelling and painting of the buttons: a complete service difficult to find on the market. «Our company – the Paola sisters continue – is a mix of craft, quality, and freshness of ideas. We have an in-house laboratory dedicated to the development of button samples with lines, both masculine and feminine, that look to contemporary trends.

Our keywords are: attention to detail, concreteness and flexibility».

In addition to buttons produced in different materials (from  versatile polyester to natural and prized ivory nut) and the creation of jewellery accessories, Bottonificio Sorelle Paola offers a vast range of complementary articles: frogs, brooches in various shapes and materials, buttons and accessories in nylon,
ABS, zamak, brass and much more.

Within the area of fashion accessories, nothing is precluded for the company staff, equipped to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Finally, to complete the skills offered by Bottonificio Sorelle Paola, there is also laser cutting and marking of various materials including leather and leatherette, denim, various fabrics, paper, plexiglas, wood and acrylic up to 25 mm thick.

Technology and expertise for a company in continuous evolution, in the sign of Made in Italy.

Bottonificio Sorelle Paola S.r.l.s

Via Paolo Borsellino 135
Casandrino (NA)
Tel +39 081 5054754


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