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The llers of Luxury

«Thanks to our experience in the eld, we have become a point of reference for the entire Florentine industrial area» - says Claudio Da- niele, owner of the company Daniele&Adami s.a.s., specialized in every activity related to the plastics sector. In particular, since 1960, this company based in Florence deals with the transformation of plastics by the extrusion of pro les in various thermoplastic materials (polyurethane, polyethylene, rigid and exi- ble PVC, thermoplastic rubber), coextruded in colours, different shapes and rigidity. Among this work’s many applications, Daniele&Adami s.a.s has found an important niche in the Luxu- ry brand sector, through the production of l- lers used to complete the prestigious Made in Italy fashion accessories.

«We can satisfy the client’s request starting from the design of the desired ller and we follow the development step by step up to the nal production» - Mr. Daniele continues. The Daniele&Adami s.a.s. is equipped to car- ry out the entire production process of the transformation of plastics in-house. The choi- ce of rst-class materials, as well as the high level of procedures used, close the circle on the competences of a reliable and effective company.

Daniele & Adami S.a.s

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