Valigeria Tasca


54 years of tradition projected towards the future

When ingenuity and tradition are combi- ned with the ability to grasp the innova- tions of the market, the result can only be excellent.

This time-honoured phi- losophy has always guided the work of Valigeria Tasca. For over 50 years, this company based in the Varesotto area has produced leather goods and suitcases for luxury brands.

The company also follows projects for emerging brands and manu- factures special and customized items.

Founded by Attilio Tasca, the company is now run by his two sons Massimo and Davide who, strong of the historic arti- san heritage and supported by a young staff, focus on research, development and technological innovation to achieve a progressive growth, both in quality and production.

Valigeria Tasca provides its clients with complete service, from the development of the design to the final production. Its remarkable technical- productive flexibility enables the com- pany to create any item: suitcases, bags for men and for professionals, but also women’s bags and evening clutches.

Valigeria Tasca

Via Maja, 2
Arcisate (VA)
Tel +39 0332.475620


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