Ales Pelletterie

Production of bags and small leather goods for the luxury market

The rst twenty- ve years of excellence

Ales Pelletterie is an active company within the leather manufacturing district of Tolentino, the only sector present in the Marche region.

This area encloses a concentration of services and competences at the service of the prestigious Luxury brands and Ales Pelletterie is no exception.

Founded in 1993, the company specializes in the production of bags for men/women, suitcases and high-end small leather goods.

With its twentyfive years of activity, Ales Pelletterie is able to offer clients a complete production range starting from the design up to the shipment of the nished article directly to the customer.

«We are equipped for product industrialization – say the owners – so we invest both on human resources, we have about forty employees, and on structures and technology to consistently provide excellent quality service».

Recently, Ales Pelletterie has expanded its production plant to cope with the growing demand for work, which leads the company also use a trusted chain of suppliers entirely “Made in Tolentino”.

The perfect mix of artisanship and innovation.

Ales Pelletterie

Via Walter Tobagi, 9
Tolentino (MC)
Tel +39 0733.961091


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