Cordini Rita


Ethics, sustainability, and Made in Italy

The artisan leather company that bears the same name as designer Ilaria Ricci is a young company but one that has very clear ideas. Two are the souls of the Ilaria Ricci core bu- siness: the development of the house brand of luxury bags, “Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci” and the production of handbags for emer- ging luxury brands, starting from the deve- lopment of the model to the nished article.

Ethics, eco-sustainability and expertise form the package of values that guide the work of Ilaria Ricci who explains: «For our brand we have chosen to use only fabrics and synthetic materials like imitation leather, aiming for light and ecologically friendly trendy bags.

On the other hand, we also develop and produce real leather bags for fashion brands. But we buy high quality certi ed chemical-free vegetable tanned leather with low environmental im- pact». Moreover, the company is also uses an entirely Made in Italy distribution chain, orien- ted towards innovative sustainable processing techniques:

«Our skilled artisans – continues Ilaria Ricci – work with the right pro t margins because the company mission aims to safe- guard the value of work and combat labour exploitation in poorer countries».

Cordini Rita

Fraz. Colombarone, 6
Volpara (PV)
Tel 038599105


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