Stefania Malvezzi


A woman’s entire world in a handbag

Founded more than twenty years ago, the Stefania Malvezzi company was named after its founder, who had already begun to take her rst steps in the eld of leather goods as a young woman.

Thanks to a great tenacity and passion, Stefania has managed to bring together all the artisan expertise of years of activity in her own italian handbag manufacturer's company for private label, bringing a line of original and exclusive handbags bearing her name to life. The company uses rst choice natural materials such as real vegetable tanned Italian leather, handcrafted with great care, and embellished with high quality accessories: the result is a collection of uniquely made handbags that gives a voice to the thousand nuances of the modern woman.

The company is capable of responding to every client need and offers tailored solutions, interweaving the great Made in Italy manufacturing tradition with the continuous research of new materials and colours inspired by current trends.

Stefania Malvezzi

Via Aldo Moro, 98/b
Aprilia (LT)
Tel +39 06.9282193


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