Trapuntificio Giglioli

Quilting and embroidery on leather and fabrics

Knowing how to transform artisan workmanship into an industrial process.

That of Trapuntificio Giglioli is a 40 yearlong history.

The company is specialized in the creation of high quality quilting on fabric and leather for the most important companies in the clothing and leather sectors.

The ability to interpret its clients’ needs, combined with technical
knowledge and artisanship enables it to transform an idea into a custom-made product, entirely personalized: from the design to the processing, up to finishing by hand, with a direct control of every processing phase, which leads to a faster production.

To provide a more complete service, the company is also equipped with embroidery machines that now represent an entire department: this enables the company to offer a vaster
range of solutions.

A company that draws its strength from the generational exchange, where the long-established staff passes down the secrets of the trade to the younger workers while, at the same time, draws a renewed energy and freshness from them.

Excellence comes from this combination.

Trapuntificio Giglioli

Via di Vittorio 38
Zona industriale Terrafino (FI)
Tel +39 0571 932137


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