Innovation of the ancient heart

A passion handed down from generation to generation since the 70s. Lamonti Cuoio, at its headquarter in Ponte a Egola, is a company specialised in the production of high quality leather for shoes.

Since the early 2000s has extended its business also in the flooring and covering with the production of floors, walls and furniture in leather.

Lamonti Cuoio has no doubts on its strong point: we believe in our industry and we firmly believe in the combination of innovation – tradition, which leads to a highest research on the articles and production processes. Moreover, this is why we are specialised on customised products – based on the needs and research of designers and pattern makers for the shoe industry and of interior designers and architects for the furnishing sector. Despite that we keep intact the secrets of the traditional vegetable tanning process – 100% Made in Italy.

Lamonti Cuoio extends along two buildings, connected together, for a total of 10.000 sq. m., where each department is well separated from the others in order to have a fluent material handling and a detailed and ongoing quality control, carried out by qualified personnel of each department.

The recipe, secret for the high quality sole leather in Italy and abroad, consider two ingredients.

  • Time, because unlike that for other leathers, the length of the production process determines the quality of the product. The transformation process from raw hide to sole leather takes about two months of work.
  • Tradition, because the traditional process of slow vegetable tanning is a patrimony of craftsmanship skills handed down through generations.

The sole leather, in fact, is the encounter between ancient knowledge and passions.

It is a tradition-rooted product, made of patience and passion: the art of vegetable tanning. This is a production process very slow and ancient, refined by men over the centuries.

Raw hides are put in pits with tannins, natural wooden powders, that very slowly penetrate inside hides and stop the aging process and guarantees the changing from hides in sole leather.

The vegetable tanning process keep unchanged the fibrous structure of the skin ensuring leather unique characteristics of softness, warmth and durability.

Lamonti Cuoio uses Chestnut tannin from the Amiata area, a pure product (uncut), the only one commercially.



Lamonti Cuoio Spa

Via della Spira 10/12/14
56024 Ponte a egola (PI)
Tel +39 0571.484083


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