Modelling, prototyping and production of bags and leather goods

Transforming an idea into anexemplary product

For 15 years, Calber has been supporting brands in the luxury sector developing their bags and leather goods, offering design, modelling, and prototyping services as well as industrialization.

Thanks to his vast experience creating prototypes, Alberto Capurro, the company’s founder, manages to create small great masterpieces, capable of expressing a brand’s identity.

The company develops prototypes from A to Z, taking care of the design and production of custom accessories and researching materials and leathers that are well suited to each project, thanks to consolidated connections with the best Italian companies.

Calber is a manufacturing laboratory where every bag is created in the traditional way, with the dedication and attention that pursues excellence, but looks to design and productive innovation.


Via Giuseppe Bonito 1
Casoria (NA)
Tel +39 081.7593469


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