Small, great masterpieces

Leather bags for luxury brands

Handbags and travel bags, from the design to the finished product.

This is the heart of the work carried out by Calber Srl. Its founder, Alberto Capurro, manages to create small great masterpieces thanks to his great prototyping experience.

The company supports the luxury brand segment in developing handbags and leather goods, as well as designing and producing customized accessories besides selecting the leathers.

«As third-party manufacturers, we develop samples for famous companies, starting from the design, followed by the application of accessories, to the final product - explains Alberto Capurro, the company’s owner. We are equipped with the most advanced machinery available on the market. My relatives were leather goods manufacturers and I have done this job forever. I have overseen Calber Srl for fifteen years – he continues. Together with a staff of seven experienced industry professionals, we take  advantage of companies that have grown with us for their production».


Via Giuseppe Bonito 1
Casoria (NA)
Tel +39 081.7593469


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