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Creating and Producing buttons and accessories in an artisanal way

Bringing an idea to life

Fontana Srl creates and produces buttons and accessories following the dictates of traditional artisanship, using the most advanced technologies. The company was founded by Emilio Fontana and his wife Bruna in the late 1940s. At first, the company produced buttons and buckles for specialized shops and dressmakers.

Today the company is run by their children Claudio and Cinzia Fontana and is also specialized in the creation of accessories for the footwear and leather goods sectors. Already in the late 1970s, the company patented some of its articles, including the roller buckle and snap buttons in real horn, casein, plexiglass and rodoid.

Fontana Srl develops the ideas of fashion brands to create custom-made accessories such as handles, closures, special hooks, appliqués, chains, heels and many other items mainly in natural materials and eco-resins.

Thanks to a vast archive combined with an in-depth style and trend research, the company can satisfy the requests of its clients by creating ad hoc products. The company is very conscientious of its environmental impact and for years has been pursuing an eco-sustainable production cycle aspiring to a zero environmental impact. 

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