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Epolac, high-tech Italian enamels for luxury details

Epolac is a high-tech enamel for colouring small metal parts for the leather and footwear sectors.

The product, whose name will become Ep!cLac in 2018, was created by the Rival company, part of the Colorificio San Marino group.

With its high brilliance, it is used for the decoration of buckles, zippers and for the decoration of the most famous fashion house products.

It is available in 120 ready-to-use colours in 6 types of effects: opaque, transparent, iridescent, metallic, mother of pearl, florescent and in all shades of NCS systems or other trendy shades thanks to the dedicated tintometric system.

It has a perfect grip on metals, glass and plastics. It is resistant to galvanic baths, odourless, excellent for fixing metal processes or protecting engravings.

It catalyses at lukewarm temperatures and is workable for 40 minutes, dries in 24 hours or in the oven in 1 hour.

It can be polished with tools or abrasive paper, re-polished, and worked with a “cathedral” glass effect.

When ground, it is unsurpassed for its tenacity. Safe for the wearer's skin.

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