Fabio Bellagambi

Passion for Fur

The attention to detail and quality artisanship can be seen first-hand: entering Fabio Bellagambi's workshop, you can understand the passion and dedication that Fabio and his wife Elisabetta, put into their work every day. Each article is unique; every fur coat is specially made in an in-house workshop that expresses all of the seriousness and precision of one who can boast a 50-year experience in this field. Half a century of artisanship, that has passed amid the rise of other techniques and new technologies: but in this long productive journey, the creativity and manual ability that has always been a constant factor at Fabio Bellagambi have remained the pillars of the fur trade.

Only the experienced eye of one who has spent a lifetime in this sector can follow all the procedures step by step that lead to the finished products. It is a long process that requires careful and maniacal attention, which can be ultimately found in the perfection of every single detail of each and every product. 

The Fabio Bellagambi company has been a reality since 2003, when it took its current name, but brings with it the inevitable tradition and experience that come from much farther. Here, handcrafted fur coats are ready and custom-made, along with accessories like handbags, scarves, shrugs, and hats, always and exclusively made of fur. It also collaborates with other companies in the creation of accessories, handbags and anything else that needs fur decorations to make the product unique. To leave you breathless.

Here, we do not follow trends, but try to propose them.

Fabio Bellagambi: passion and attention to detail, to admire and touch.


Fabio Bellagambi

Via Borgo Ognissanti, 83R
Firenze (FI)
Tel +39 055 217621
Web www.bellagambi.com


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