B&G srl

Luxury leather goods Made in Tuscany

Born and produced in Tuscany

Our strengths are quality, the technological innovation that we constantly apply to our production, and the masterful artisanship with which we treat our products. We were born and produce everything in Tuscany. Our clients appreciate us for our professionalism and tradition.

B&G is the synthesis of the best Made in Italy production.

The company can, in fact produce variable volume productions (from industrial productions to single pieces), to develop new models and prototypes and offer a wide range of production services.

The company is, in fact, able to realize productions with variable volume (from industrial productions to unique pieces), to develop new models and prototypes and to offer a wide range of services for the production.

Very high quality products that are appreciated for their excellent artisanship, for the style and innovation of the shapes and for the great attention paid to every phase of the production process.

B&G is the ability to transform designers’ ideas through the creation of volumes and shapes, thanks to the continuous research of technically advanced solutions. T

he company can find and work any type of material: from furs to crocodile and ostrich skins to python skins, the company carries out particularly valuable processes with the help of high-tech machinery, but also with the refined manual ability of skilled leather masters that confer unique characteristics to the products.

Thanks to its speed of execution and its production capacities, B&G can satisfy every client’s needs.

It offers a complete and qualified logistic shipment assistance thanks to the use of the internal customs and to the A.E.O. certification for the exports directly from the plant.

With the Arezzo production plant, it has strengthened its production and industrialization capacity and is able to offer a high-quality service subject to careful ethical controls, respect of the rules, and quality assurance.

B&G has built the foundations of its success on tradition, professionalism, research, innovation and ethics.


B&G srl

Via dei ceramisti 11/13
50100 Lastra a Signa (FI)
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