Cuoificio Bisonte

Leather - a living material

Founded in 1956, Cuoificio Bisonte has become  part of a prestigious tradition: rawhide from the  best bovine skins and a slow tanning process in vats  of pure chestnut extract, enable this company to  obtain an absolute genuine quality leather that has become the choice of many high-end Italian manufacturers and foreign footwear manufacturers.  

In the 1990s, the now world renowned company  underwent an expansion, with the creation of an  internal division known as “Cuoioarredo”, which led the company into the market of leather furnishings  for yachts, boutiques, and wall and floor coverings  for the most important global brands.

The highest-standard panel processing techniques  have been developed for Cuoioarredo.

Their  precision and reliability is thanks to the use of  lasers and numerically controlled pantographs.

This  research has also given way to producing objects  that are unique in their genre for quality, ease of  use, durability and maintenance.

Thanks to its modern production plants and  advanced technology, Cuoificio Bisonte is currently among the most efficient and successful tanneries  of Italy, producing hides of various thicknesses, from  3 to 6 mm, for shoes of all descriptions.

Barrel-dyed  hides in fashion colours, velvety “Nubuck” hides,  superflex “Glove” hides, and “Idrorep” hides with  an elevated degree of impermeability.  

Giuliano Novelli and Mario Caponi, who lead this  company, perpetuate the tradition of leather with  an eye towards innovation.

Cuoificio Bisonte

Via Masini 36
56029 Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI)
Tel +39.057130036


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