Pelletteria Abraham

Quality, Tradition, and Technological Innovation

Pelletteria Abraham in Scarperia was founded in 1978. It was a time when the trend of outsourcing production gave 22 year-old Claudio Bini the opportunity to realize his dream of starting his own business in the leather goods industry, specialized in the production of belts.

In 1984, Luca Bini, Claudio’s brother who had just completed his university studies, joined the company. This new synergy had an immediate effect and coincided with the beginning of the company’s expansion.  

How has your company developed over the years? 

Luca Bini: «Over time, our growth has been constant and has come full circle, both in terms of quantity as well as quality. I am referring to both the tangible qualities of an excellent product, as well as all aspects of organization, logistics, compliance with regulations, and close collaboration and sharing of pre-set objectives with our in-house workers and external groups that are part of the production chain. To keep the attained growth sustainable, along with the possibility of further expansion, we now have a 900 m² plant and have introduced technologically advanced machinery into the production cycle which enables us to be highly competitive».

What line of products have you specialized in? 

Luca Bini: «We produce belts almost exclusively for important international fashion brands, in every material possible: various kinds of leather, fabric, ribbon and fine skins such as ostrich, crocodile, python and reptiles in general. Our production ranges from common simple belts, flat or rounded, Bustier corset belts with multiple applications and various processes: tucked, normal and French edged, grooved and so on».

What production phases are produced in-house? 

Luca Bini: «We are capable of producing the entire productive cycle in-house: from cutting to shipping. However, we have a skilled network of external groups to whom we entrust a part of the cutting and assembly. We control every detail of the entire production process. Our wealth of knowledge that comes from almost 40 years of experience in the leather industry, combined with up-to-date processing techniques have allowed us to fully respect the final clients’ satisfaction.


Pelletteria Abraham

La Torre Petrona 17/A
Scarperia (FI)
Tel +39 055 8402143


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