Pelletteria Abraham

Production of high-quality leather belts

Excellence born of the pursuit of perfection 

Since 1987, Abraham Leather Goods has been professionally producing leather goods for the fashion industry.

Run by the Bini brothers, the company specialises in the manufacture of belts for the most important luxury brands: not only in leather, but also in fabric, ribbon and precious materials such as ostrich, crocodile, python and reptiles in general.

Abraham Leather Goods combines the art of traditional Tuscan leatherwork with the most modern technological innovations to create made-to-measure, high quality articles that satisfy every customer's need. The company is able to carry out all the production phases, from cutting to shipping, and also makes use of the collaboration of trusted external partners, checking each process minutely and in detail.

Production ranges from simple, flat or rounded rods to corset belts with a variety of applications and different processes: tucked, normal and French edging and ribbed.

A desire for constant improvement, a search for excellence and continuous growth: these are the qualities that have led the company to equip itself with an organised but flexible structure, in order to respond quickly to its customers and to create valuable products.

All this is the result of the passion and manual skills of those who, like the staff at Pelletteria Abraham, have almost forty years' experience in the world of leather goods.  

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