Design and production of high frequency welding machines

The new technologies of the 4.0 industry

Buzzi Srl is a Florentine company that has specialized in the design and construction of high-frequency welding machines for the world of high fashion since 1980.

High frequency welding machines for the cold embossing of leather and for the creation of the most varied types of labels are among the company’s achievements as are the machines for processing other materials such as faux leather, laminated, calendered, coated and polyurethane fabrics.

The machines have an innovative system that makes markings with pressure/radio-frequency and not with pressure/heat, ensuring a long print life. Buzzi Srl designs customized machines for clients only using quality components and provides effective and timely assistance.

The company’s willingness to always offer new technological solutions has driven it to prepare each welding machine with a connection to the cloud technology, thus allowing technicians to intervene easily by remote, as the 4.0 Industry plan provides. 



V. Pietro Fanfani 111
Firenze (FI)
Tel +39 055 450550


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