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Enthusiasm and quality

Via Emilia Romagna, 4 - Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI)
Pisa (PI)

Located in the heart of the tannery district in  Santa Croce sull’Arno, having been founded in  2010, Conceria Opera is a company that brings  all the enthusiasm of a young enterprise with
it, along with a great deal of know-how in the  sector, thanks to the experience accumulated  by its owner, Gabriele Di Sandro, in his father  Renato’s tannery.

Conceria Opera is a tannery that specializes in  the processing of suede splits, which are skins   with a very good cutting yield and excellent  characteristics for both men and women’s
footwear, boots in particular.

 But what are the characteristics that make Conceria Opera a secure reliable partner?  “Without a shadow of doubt, the quality of our  products combined with excellent customer  service” says the owner of Conceria Opera,  Gabriele Di Sandro, who continues, “In fact, we  select every type of rough skin, carrying out a  pre-selection for the clients beforehand: in this  way, we can guarantee an already uniform lot.”  “However, we mustn’t forget another one of  our true strengths: accurate barrel colours.  Specifically, without finishing, and without the  aid of an external service, which could falsify  the natural appearance of the skin, we manage  to have an equally precise colour, thanks to inbarrel  aniline dye.”

Conceria Opera: a tannery that specializes in   articles particularly well suited to the footwear  sector.