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Leather die punching and processing

Creativity, experience, and technology at the service of the client Leather die punching and processing

Il Foro Srl was founded in 1979 as a family company, but thanks to the creativity and passion of its founder, Loriano Badalassi, the company immediately established itself as a leader in the field of die punching.

Client support, design capacity and technological innovation have characterized Il Foro Srl since the beginning, offering its clients a vast range of processes, such as Drilling, Punching, Lasers, Fringes, Fretwork, etc. carried out on various types of materials (leather, sheepskin, textiles, synthetics, etc.) both continuous and placed.

Finally, the support of its graphic team, made of stylists and designers, ensures its clients the most innovative processes, supporting them with experience and punctuality in the design phase.

Passion, resolve, and precision are the main elements that make Il Foro a point of reference in the sector.

il Foro Srl

Via delle Querce rosse,1
Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI)
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