Production of thermoplastic film for the decoration of textiles, leather and aluminium

Film for decorations of excellence

Thanks to its over 35 year-long experience, C.F.M. has consolidated its position as a market leader in the leather, textile and aluminium decoration sectors.

The company’s commitment at every level, both in economic and resource terms, is yielding C.F.M. a constant increase in business thanks to the increased selection it offers its clients.

The re nement of its already established products and technologies on the market for years, combined with new designs, new technologies, new equipment and new patents translates into in an ever-growing possibility of choices to embellish C.F.M. clients’ products thanks to unequalled decorations and prints.

Guaranteeing its clients a constant supply of resources to enhance their products is one of the main objectives that C.F.M. sets for itself. This is why an increasing number of companies turns to C.F.M., nding it a valuable partner to achieve success on the market. C.F.M, where companies can nd the instruments to transform their products into unsurpassed objects.


Via On. G. Gasparoli 176
Cassano Magnago (VA)
Tel +39 0331 205212
Web www.cfmsrl.com


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