Angela Srl

Production of bags and small leather goods

 In the heart of 2.0 Made in Italy product modelling

A 5 thousand square-meter space, 400 employees, 200 pieces of machinery, and 600 leather products per day.

These are the production numbers of Angela Srl, which produces bags and small leather goods.

The company’s pride is its modelling department where ideas come to life by becoming prototypes.

The company’s 2.0 Made in Italy secret is due to cutting-edge machinery as well as its skilled staff.

The production phases take place entirely under the staff’s control: from product modelling to pattern-making and prototyping, from cutting to splitting and skiving, up to the final assembly and packaging.

The strength of the corporate strategy is the training of younger employees, entrusted to the company’s veterans and specialized courses in the most prestigious leather trade schools.

Finally, transparency is one of the company’s fundamental assets, having adopted ethical codes to ensure quality, reliability and fairness.

Angela Srl

Sede e Via Atellana, 8 - Arzano (Na)
80022 Arzano (NA)
Tel +39 081 2380409


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