Angela Srl

Third party production of bags and small to medium sized leather goods

Made in Italy 2.0, the future of leather goods

Excellence, dynamism and great professionalism: these are the characteristics that reflect the personality of Angela Srl, the Neapolitan company specialized in third party production of bags and small leather goods. Made in Italy 2.0 is not simply a company motto, but a philosophy that represents the organizational and qualitative methods behind the rapid growth of Angela Srl. Thanks to a perfect balance between innovation, technology and tradition, the company has successfully positioned itself on the market of the major international fashion brands in a few years. The business strategy’s strong point is the training of younger employees, entrusted to the company's veterans together with specialization courses at the most prestigious high-quality leather schools on the national territory.

The secret of Made in Italy 2.0 – objective 4.0 - of Angela Srl is encompassed in the intertwining of handcrafted and manual skills with the use of high precision and high technology machinery that the company is equipped with. The big brands have awarded Angela Srl also thanks to its flexibility and its ability to follow the entire production organization, guaranteeing a product that is always perfectly in line with the client’s high quality standards. The production phases take place in-house under the careful eye of the staff: from the models - the heart of the design - to the realization of the pattern and prototype; from cutting to splitting and skiving, to assembly and final packaging. Transparency is a fundamental value of the company, which has strict ethical codes to guarantee its clients with quality, reliability and compliance in their working methods. By holding the flag of determination high and being aware of its capabilities, the company looks to the future with contagious enthusiasm and a great desire to bet on young people to continue its growth.

Angela Srl

Sede e Via Atellana, 8 - Arzano (Na)
80022 Arzano (NA)
Tel +39 081 2380409


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