Conceria Zabri Spa

Since 1971, a leadere in suede finished calfskin splits


Covering an area of over 26,000 m2 with a share capital of 3.6 million euro, CONCERIA ZABRI is run by the founder and CEO Mario Brillanti and his children Samuele, Consuelo, Sara, Michele, and Marco.

Thanks to more than 100 cutting-edge machines and over 60 employees, the company’s production capacity exceeds 3.5 million square feet per month.

Artisan expertise combined with innovative production and article processes satisfy the most demanding fashion brands.

The CONCERIA ZABRI strengths are:

- 1000+ colours available in stock prepared on a selection of 20 different calfskin suede splits; - Prompt production and delivery of large quantities;

- Infinite varieties of applications and finishes;

- 360° customization. Moreover, to optimize the finished product and satisfy the most demanding client specifications, the company has created its own in-house chemical-physical laboratory, where skilled and qualified personnel repeatedly test every leather lot produced employing modern and state-of-the-art equipment.

Over time, CONCERIA ZABRI has obtained the following certifications: - ISO 9001 for quality; - ISO 14001 for the environment; - EMAS for the environment; - BS OHSAS 18001: a work health and safety management system.

Conceria Zabri Spa

Viale C.Colombo, 204/206
Fucecchio (FI)
Tel +39 0571.297358


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